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Enjoy this release on me: The Illuminations - com.bleep.content.ArtistDTO@40684d62 (WAV) As a follow up to his incredible full length album 'The Inheritors' James Holden is releasing a 12" version of album track 'The Illuminations'. It's much more than just a re-release of the song in a different format though. Holden has crafted an extended version, pulling the glimmering original into a more immediate, driven form. Analogue electronics wind beguilingly, backed up by scattered, quick-firing, rhythmic crunch. There's also a 'Drumsolo' version of the track - which isolates that scattershot rhythm, making for a deep and dubby work out - and an 'Arpsolo' version, a beautifully sparse and wistful piece of twisting ambience.

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