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Enjoy this release on me: Levitate - Lone (WAV 24bit) Lone not so much returns, as kicks the front door down, charges in, grabs the turntable and smashes down a new full length of absolutely rinsin' jungle. Lone has always produced floor fillers with that 4 am sparkle of lose yourself house flavoured club trax but it's on Levitate that he has reached the absolutely crystal clear peak of a sound that is undoubtedly Lone. Built of nine fully track suited tracks, Levitate is a nod to the early 90's ambient hardcore sound of labels like Reinforced, Good Looking, Juice Box and the more jazzy licks of Metalheadz, but don't get lulled into thinking it's a chilled affair of jazzy jungle, Levitate is built from the ground up of the prime time u know the score sound, that's destined to soundtrack many an end of night smash em out DJ's set, in the months to come. The idea of making a hardcore LP came to him whilst bed ridden with fever “I’d try to go to sleep and I’d be hearing these mad rave tunes form in my head" and the outcome blends the atmospheric pads and textures of peak time piano-led house across some authentic amens and rollin' drums straight out of the junglists sample cook book. Keeping his trademark dreaM(DMA)y angle it's great to hear Lone building upon past flirtations with the old school sounds and at a time when genres are considered a thing of the past and producers are throwing in elements of every underground sound, Levitate will stand out as an authentic continuation of the sounds explored back in the daze as well as a tribute by someone truly in touch with the sound. Massive one for anyone with Rufige Kru tinnitus, pre-Lee Gamble soundtracked dawn walks home or lost your mind (and years) in 92' with Zomby, wheel up & come again!

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