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Bleep Mix #92 - Emptyset

Emptyset is a multidisciplinary production project founded by James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas exploring the sonic possibilities of electroacoustic and computer music, architecture and performance. Their music focusses on compositional structures, dynamics control and textural detailing, working with elemental sonics and the material properties of sound. Having released on labels such as Raster Noton, Thrill Jockey, Future Days and James Ginzburg’s own Subtext label; they have become a favourite for us here at Bleep. This mix explores pioneering early electronics from the likes of Franca Sacchi and Laurie Spiegel that have informed their work as well as recent luminaries pushing electronic music in new directions alongside as a stunning cut from their recent Thrill Jockey release: Blossoms.


Franca Sacchi - Danza, Mia Cara
Theo Burt - Speaker Mix
Yasunao Tone - AI Deviation
Laurie Spiegel - Drums
Roland Kayn - Cybernetic Music III
Philomene Pirecki - Oxygenate (raw)
Gescom - Minidisc
Jenna Sutela - nimiia vibié
rkss - Construction Kits. We Assure You That This Pack Will Be One Of The Most Useful If You Work In Such Styles As Bigroom House, Mainroom
Errorsmith - Pick a Bone
Beatrice Dillon - Curl
Mika Vainio - Twin Bleeps
Carla Scaletti - sunSurgeAutomata
Emptyset - Axil
xin - Declared Denied
NHK - _1

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