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Bleep Mix #212 - Eris Drew

  1. Bleep Mix #212 - Eris Drew

    Bleep Mix #212 - Eris Drew

To celebrate the release of her album Quivering In Time, Eris Drew presents a 2hour club ready excursion taking in 32 tracks of influences, dancefloor go to's and several cuts from her own aforementioned full length. Get ready to sweat.

"My DJ mix for Bleep is over 2 hours and includes a lot of music from the test press of my new album, “Quivering in Time” mixed alongside records from my collection. The mix is equal parts soft and propulsive with each track blended, dropped, collaged and scratched for maximum resonance with the Motherbeat. Rollers from many genres are on the mix, including house, breaks, progressive, trip hop, techno, bass, dubstep, etc etc." - Eris Drew


  1. M-Dubs - Sugar Shack Crew (8 At the Shack), Babyshack Recordings
  2. Parkside - Rain Or Shine (Smokin Deep Dub), Smoking’ Beats
  3. First Choice - Love & Happiness (acapella), excerpt.
  4. Nush - Nush (original), x:treme.
  5. Lil’ Louis - Club Lonely (acapella), excerpt.
  6. Do It Ya’ll wParty Tool #23
  7. Eris Drew - Sensation, T4T LUV NRG
  8. Northwick Circle - Northwick #101, Centrestage Records
  9. Groove Committee - You Need Someone (acapella) excerpt.
  10. Curtis & Moore - Never Stop (the Dub), Swing City
  11. DJ I.D - Think About Me (DJ Sports Remix)
  12. Eris Drew - Baby, T4T LUV NRG
  13. Gus Gus - VIP (Fire Island Dub), 4AD
  14. Metalheads - Saint Angel, Moonshine, excerpt.
  15. Remotif - Goodbye Sunshine, COY004
  16. Soundlords - Off the Wall, Alphabet City
  17. Dinnervision - A Little Nucleus, seekers
  18. Eris Drew - Quivering In Time, T4T LUV NRG
  19. Da Cuban Heelz - Keep It Steady (Killerz Dark Dub), Blue Steele Records
  20. Blue Noise - Prototype, Creative Music
  21. Breaka w/ Bakey - Club Dynamics, Breaka Recordings
  22. Cherie Lee - Delirious (M—-Y Dub), Nitebeat
  23. Eris Drew - Pick ‘Em Up, T4T LUV NRG
  24. Dogtrax - Backdrop, South Circular Recordings
  25. Diskop, Blast
  26. Coco Steele & Lovebomb - Dub It, Warp/Submarine
  27. Sound Travellers - Jazz ‘Till Dawn, Groove Alert Records
  28. Baby Rollén - Onion Cake, Slump Recordings
  29. Scott Grooves feat. Roy Ayers, Expansions (The Pyramid Jazz Fusion Remix), soma recordings
  30. DJ Icey - Tricks (the feeling), Zone Records
  31. Eversines - Achterna (Eris Drew Remix), De Ulieger
  32. To-Ka Project - One Day, Filter Flow Recordings
  • Artist
    Eris Drew
    Quivering In Time
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    October 29, 2021

    Eris Drew seems like she’s been a mainstay of electronic music for much longer than she has — at least as far as international listeners, who cottoned on around 2018, are concerned. The DJ-divinations of Chicago’s former best-kept secret have now reached a wider audience than anyone might have predicted. The faintest amount of exposure quickly explains why.

    On the decks, Eris — who we’ll keep on first name, mythological terms — has a luminescent and tantric quality, able to intuitively locate exactly what a crowd was looking for and keep them at the precipice of pleasure for hours on end. Where it might be tempting to flick the switch and go turbo, Eris instead lets emotion simmer and bubble. This knack for synergising euphoric house and techno with all the whistles, bells, smileys and communal promise of rave culture’s explosion come to bear on debut album “Quivering In Time”.

    Part of what has made Eris’ message resonate over the past handful of years is the way she taps into a wider lineage of classic dance music and commits it to a contemporary moment; Old and New Testaments dancing in twine. “Quivering In Time”’s opener, ‘Time to Move Close’, sets the scene. A comfortable mid-120bpm tempo, sci-fi flourishes, echoes of bleep ‘n bass, the distant invocation of a voice: this is a ready-made template that can speak to many of clubland’s myriad sub-tribes simultaneously. It’s lysergic, thumping, yearning and cosy all at once.

    Cosiness is a relatively new factor in Eris’ world. It’s right there on the cover, designed by Chicago’s equally-revered underground staple sold, which shows Eris and musical/life partner Octo Octa’s woodland cabin through a rhubarb and custard lens. Whether the colourway’s hat-tip to Shaft’s 1991 toytown techno hit ‘Roobarb and Custard’ was intentional or not, it’s certainly an effective nod to rave’s heyday. Plenty of “Quivering In Time” would slot into Altern-8’s “Full On... Mask Hysteria” without anyone blinking.

    Even while sequestered away from nightlife, Eris can’t help but fashion music for it. A less ostensibly peak-time cut like ‘Baby’ streamlines and flattens her trademark palette, but all the tasting notes remain: the tremulous Reese-ish bassline, chattering samples, and a kind of swaggering self-belief you’d pick up from Art of Noise or The KLF. A huge step (on) toward the promised land of baggy bliss occurs on the album’s penultimate tune, ‘Ride Free’, which repurposes that indelible sample from 1966 film “The Wild Angels”, just as Andrew Weatherall did on the holy grail of ‘90s love-ins, Primal Scream’s “Loaded”.

    As far as a leading shaman for the current generation goes, though, Eris can’t be beat. “Quivering In Time” articulates why: by tapping into and nurturing dance music’s roots, she allows a vibrant new branch to grow.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Time to Move Close 6:43 Buy

      Time to Move Close

    2. 2 Pick 'Em Up 7:49 Buy
    3. 3 Loving Clav 6:43 Buy
    4. 4 A Howling Wind 5:07 Buy

      A Howling Wind

    5. 5 Show U Love 5:51 Buy
    6. 6 Baby 3:52 Buy
    7. 7 Sensation 4:28 Buy
    8. 8 Ride Free 5:48 Buy
    9. 9 Quivering In Time 6:36 Buy

      Quivering In Time

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