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Bleep Mix #202 - Container

  1. Bleep Mix #202 - Container

    Bleep Mix #202 - Container

Container's productions seem to be so full of sounds and styles it transforms into a uniquely chaotic maelstrom of distorted noise; industrial electronica at first listen, yet loaded with all kinds of intricate detail and idiosyncratic flourishes. As such, his exclusive Bleep mix can’t help but wheel around genre at the highest speed. We begin with a grungy pop banger from Juliana Hatfield before wheeling right into some scum-sucking industrial D&B with Orgonon Pit before making a couple of pit stops at the edges of 1990s radio rock with Dandelion and Stone Temple Pilots and a snarling cut from his latest EP for Richard Fearless' Drone imprint.


Juliana Hatfield - “Universal Heartbeat”
Tuusanuuskat - “Nyt mä lähden tästä pelistä pois”
Orgonon Pit - “Brained” 
Kouns & Weaver - “Clorvoran Lingamus”
Beau Wanzer - “Stupid Drunk Bro”
Tominsky - “Stuck Here”
Dandelion - “Weird Out”
Container - “Shingles”
The New Me - “Dissatisfaction Suite”
Shakey - “Crayscandens”
Cube - “Moderator”
Stone Temple Pilots - “Vasoline”
Siobhan - “Plum Pudding”
Tav Exotic - “Always The Same”

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