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Bleep Mix #199 - Delay Grounds

  1. Bleep Mix #199 - Delay Grounds

    Bleep Mix #199 - Delay Grounds

Delay Grounds could almost be seen to embody the plethora of electronic creativity beaming out of Bristol right now. Ahead of his devastatingly good Lapsus record landing, he’s provided a mix to further demonstrate just how fervent the forever cross-pollinating scene there is at this moment in time. Amongst material from fellow UK upstarts like Metrist, Will Lister and Boulderhead, there’s classics in the form of James Holden’s 10101 and early cuts from Randomer on LIES. There’s futurist club gear in plentiful supply from Karima F and Rhyw, plus a couple of tracks from Delay Ground’s new record for good measure.

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