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Bleep Mix #197 - Cignol

  1. Bleep Mix #197 - Cignol

    Bleep Mix #197 - Cignol

A long-standing favourite of ours as well as countless electro labels like Further Electronix and Altered Sense, Paul Hammock aka Cignol has been in the business of refined machine funk for over a decade. But naturally, his exclusive Bleep mix is less about looking back and more about the future. Stacked with a bunch of brand new, forthcoming and unreleased tracks from across Cignol’s arsenal of contemporaneous releases, the mix delivers an hour-long journey in non-stop 4/4, from squelching acid textures to laser beamed bass sequencers.

"I’ve put together a mix of mostly new or forthcoming tracks. All hardware jams made using x0x, Miami, rd-8, 707, Juno-60, jp-08, Juno-06 and Sh01a if you’re interested in that kind of thing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!" - Cignol


  1. Misaligned Logic - forthcoming TBA
  2. Journey to Auriga - forthcoming on Orson Records
  3. Cosmic Garden - forthcoming on Ancient Technologies
  4. Future State - UTTU 113
  5. Late Wednesday - forthcoming on Ancient Technologies
  6. Machine Dependance - from Planetary Highways on Emotions Electric
  7. Distorted Information - unreleased
  8. Echus chasma - UTTU 113
  9. Darya Message - forthcoming on Orson Records
  10. Ion 10 - The Observable Universe - Furthur Electronix
  11. Momentary Construct - forthcoming on Ancient Technologies
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