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Bleep Mix #195 - Tapefeed

  1. Bleep Mix #194 - Murcof

    Bleep Mix #194 - Murcof

It’s already becoming a banner year for London-based Italian duo Tapefeed aka Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo. The Village Underground resident DJs unveil their own label, Inveterate, with their debut EP Revolving Door. Such a menacing record of ear-crushing, club-debauched noise is a kindred spirit of their exclusive Bleep mix, and the adrenaline rush comes in multiple different forms; for every moment we dwell on the slow-violent static invocations of projects like clipping. and Against All Logic, we’re lamped across the head by shadowy forces of EBM and drum & bass.

"In this mix we decided to play tracks from artists that have most influenced our sound in the past year or so, mixing together different facets of electronic music genres thus moving away (a little bit) from our classic industrial broken beat vibe. It was loads of fun :)" - Tapefeed


  1. Il Santo Bevitore - A Spell On You
  2. Clipping - Make Them Dead [Sub Pop Records]
  3. CREAM - Lee Gamble [Hyperdub]
  4. Against All Logic - Illusions of Shameless Abundance (feat. Lydia Lunch) [Other People]
  5. Positivecentre - Omnivurt (told you twice) [Arcing Seas]
  6. In Half Light - Life Under the Powder Keg [UVB-76]
  7. Massive Attack feat. Mos Def - I Against I [Melankolic]
  8. Giant Swan - DYFLGOT [KECK]
  9. Clouds - Cernunnos
  10. 33EMYBW - Golem [SVBKVLT]
  11. Anastasia Kristensen - Maxima [Houndstooth]
  12. Lemonick - Crash Cove [Nervous Horizon]
  13. Lokane - See Me [Nervous Horizon]
  14. Lee Gamble – Envenom [Hyperdub]
  15. Englesia - Scream if it hurts I’ll always protect u [Future Ethics]
  16. Killawatt - Open Your Eyes (Hamilton Scalpel Remix) [NET#0]
  17. Ipman - Ghostrunner [Tectonic]
  18. NET GALA - Dodomzit (A Radical, Cynical Tool) [SVBKVLT]
  19. Motive Power - Dissolve [47]
  20. Demdike Stare - Null Results [Modern Love]
  21. Commodo & Lurka - Capisce [Black Box]
  22. ZULI - 3ankaboot [Sneaker Social Club]
  23. Kessler - Tribunal [Club Glow]
  24. Blawan - Silver [Ternesc]
  25. Kas - Holographic Matrix Of Informational Totality [Ilian Tape]
  26. Blue Hour - First Light (3KZ Jungle Mix)
  • Artist
    Revolving Door
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    May 28, 2021

    Inveterate presents Revolving Door by Tapefeed, 5 slamming club distortions with a remix from Cocktail Party Effect. Flipping techno and UK bass influences and ramping up the intensity to chaotic levels, these are five very sturdy variations of the scuzziest basement rave. ‘Plain View’ and ‘Inveterate Liar’ are the more direct clubby cuts with the latter taking in a pinch of Rotterdam hardcore, with ‘Kickback’ closing on darkly psychedelic techno.

    1. 1 Plain View 3:53
    2. 2 Inveterate Liar 5:46
    3. 3 Plain View (Cocktail Party Effect Remix) 5:19
    4. 4 The Archetypes 5:48
    5. 5 Kickback 6:14
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