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Bleep Mix #177 - Placid - We're Going Deep Label Mix

  1. Bleep Mix #177 - Placid - We’re Going Deep Label Mix

    Bleep Mix #177 - Placid - We’re Going Deep Label Mix

We’re Going Deep is an online community created by long time record collector Paul Wise AKA Placid focussed on sharing deeper cuts in acid, electro, house, techno and electronic genres. Recently they have started their own record label to celebrate some of the stalwarts of this sound. Recorded in one take on two Technics 1210s it's primarily focussed on material from the label both released and forthcoming. The mix is expertly sequenced touching on buoyant deep house productions and emotive electro before finishing in the blissful haze of Rekab’s “Summer Dreams”.

B.R Posse - Forthcoming on We’re Going Deep
Posthuman - Going Deep - We’re Going Deep
Polytunnel - Forthcoming on We’re Going Deep
Moody Waters - Hindsight - We’re Going Deep
Owain K - Forthcoming on We’re Going Deep
Garrett David - Cruisin Thru - We’re Going Deep
Toni Lionni - Mamadu - Wave
DNA - Monoman - Wicked
Jonno & Tommy - Efficacy - Verdant Recordings
Hierophant - Returned Signal (Carl Finlow mix) - Exalt
Aquatronics - Halo Spheres - Citra Lab Sounds
James Shinra - Exalt
Cignal - Late Night Traverse - We’re Going Deep
Moy - Ouroboros - We’re Going Deep
Reedale Rise - Forthcoming on We’re Going Deep
Gilbert - Signs of Life - We’re Going Deep
Rekab - Summer Dreams - We’re Going Deep

Recorded in one hit on 2 x Technics 1210s

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