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Bleep Mix #176 - KUČKA

  1. Bleep Mix #176 - KUČKA

    Bleep Mix #176 - KUČKA

If her vivacious electronic R&B LuckyMe debut Wrestling is anything to go by, we wouldn’t have expected LA-based producer KUČKA’s exclusive Bleep mix to be a limitless expanse of ambient splendour. Her mix serves as a comprehensive who’s-who of contemporary practitioners, ranging from flat-out blissful field recordings to the amniotic comfort in ambient electronic music. We begin with Green-House’s ‘Chysis’, a luscious plant nursery of spiralling arpeggios, later echoed in the rainy chimes of Visible Cloaks’ ‘Mask’. There are few beats in sight save for the subtle rhythms of Actress and Zsela’ ‘Angels Pharmacy’ and Khotin’s ‘Your Favourite Building’ in this incredibly rewarding listen.

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