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Bleep Mix #172 - Maxwell Sterling

  1. Bleep Mix #172 - Maxwell Sterling

    Bleep Mix #172 - Maxwell Sterling

Maxwell Sterling’s third LP Turn of Phrase delivers a miasma of asynchronous tones and makes them sing in unison; clipped club music with baroque scales, neo-classical grandiosity with a hint of ancient world mysticism. The composer and producer’s exclusive Bleep mix also ties exquisite knots with disparate threads of musical history, acting as a spiritual template to his genre-beguiling album. 13th century high medieval polyphony weaves itself around the post-punk electronica of Big Hard Excellent Fish, as skittering Autechre and Sofheso beat abstractions map amorphous grids over each other, and Clarissa Connelly’s MIDI-ethereal wave morphs into the downtempo dub of Thomas Blush.

"A selection of hot and cold music that is high in umami and highly uchronic." - Maxwell Sterling

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