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Bleep Mix #153 - Speaker Music

  1. Bleep Mix #153 - Speaker Music

    Bleep Mix #153 - Speaker Music

"Tears of Black Joy is a quadrasonic mix of rhythm and soul, expressing the painful pleasure of walking away from an abusive relationship with the United States. The civilization built on top of the stolen land of America has a problem in which its people are nationalistic without loving the people that make up that very nation. The concerning contradictions of an industrialized colonial ethno-state being recognized as "the world's police" and "the leader of the free world" have put too much emotional and physical pressure on its Black population who are the unfortunate uncompensated inheritors of 400 years of transatlantic epigenetic trauma. After nearly 200 Black people were murdered by the police this year without legal or governmental accountability and aid in the midst of a debilitating global pandemic, there must be an intervention and reconsideration of the nature and complications of Black American citizenship to determine and place value on the amount of oppression a global free-market capitalist society is willing to tolerate as we move forward into the impending healthcare, economic, employment, housing, social, and psychological crisis awaiting the American people in our "new normal" in 2021." - DeForrest Brown Jnr.


  1. Low lights - Kanye West
  2. The Myth Hold Weight - Moor Mother
  3. There Are Other Worlds - Sun Ra and His Arkestra
  4. Ascension of Genetic Intelligence - Dopplereffekt
  5. Moanin’ - Jana Rush
  6. The Theory - Underground Resistance
  7. Quadrasonic - Underground Resistance
  8. Walk On By - Issac Hayes
  9. Lost Communication Procedure - Terrence Dixon
  10. Find Another Connection - Akua
  11. Panopticon! (excerpt) - dreamcrusher
  12. Machine Gun (Live at the Fillmore East, NY - 1/1/70 - 1st Set) - Jimi Hendrix
  13. Black History / The World - Gil Scott-Heron
  14. Sometimes I Cry - Les McCann
  15. BaBopBye Ya - Janelle Monae
  16. The Look of Love - Don Lewis
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