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Bleep Mix #144 - Peder Mannerfelt

  1. Bleep Mix #144 - Peder Mannerfelt

    Bleep Mix #144 - Peder Mannerfelt

After kicking off with an atmospheric rhythmic rock number from prog lords King Crimson, Peder Mannerfelt’s contribution to Bleep’s mix series settles into a run of driving leftfield club tracks. By blending entries from artists like Amazondotcom, Griffit Vigo and Robert Hood, Mannerfelt expertly straddles the line between classic techno modes and more progressive broken-beat innovations in the first half of this mix. The tempo picks up around the forty-minute mark, with Mannerfelt running 140 bpm joints that enmesh genres like dubstep, bassweight techno and junglist breaks. The final quarter of an hour may find Mannerfelt stripping out the pounding rhythms, but the mix remains arresting to the last - be it offering a widescreen, largely weightless collaboration between Mannerfelt and Louisahhh or Junior Delgado’s rocksteady dub-reggae joint ‘Midnight Rave’.

A few words from Peder:
"I chose a few tracks that I enjoy and sequenced them in a order, one after the other. Some are old some are new and some haven’t even been released yet. Feel free to dance or space out or whatevers."


  1. King Crimson - Waiting Man
  2. WK7 - Wait
  3. Rhyw - Just in Case
  4. Amazondotcom - Vague Currency
  5. Lamont - I Won't Ask
  6. Griffit Vigo - I Am Gom feat. Ree
  7. Lil Asaf & Khadije - Balki
  8. Lee Gamble - Nowhen Hooks
  9. Dave Clarke - Wisdom To the Wise (Red 2) (Robert Hood Remix)
  10. Coral D - Lower Feels
  11. Perko - Edie
  12. Israel Vines - Nosedive
  13. Neana - Shocking
  14. Ploy - Molotov
  15. Shamos - Baby Birds Flying To Satan
  16. Zomby - Spliff Dub
  17. NKC - Tyrannoskank
  18. DLMS - IC1101
  19. Grindvik - Borne
  20. Ani Klang - Burn the Empire (Daniel Ruane Relapse)
  21. Verraco - E.M.R.I. The Last Alliance
  22. Penelope Trappes - Break
  23. Peder Mannerfelt feat. Louisahhh - PAL
  24. pantea - Jar & nuPg
  25. Junior Delgado - Midnight Rave
  26. Bass Clef - Bright Morning Drifted
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