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Bleep Mix #136 - Sign Libra

  1. Bleep Mix #136 - Sign Libra

    Bleep Mix #136 - Sign Libra

This mix from Sign Libra is a brilliantly charismatic set of slow grooves and fast dance tracks. Beginning with the soul-jazz strut of Seven Windows’ ‘Danse Ralenti’, Sign Libra opens with a passage of hypnagogic electronic music from artists including Boards Of Canada and Dieter Reith. A variety of dreamstate beats are delivered in this first section, but around the thirty-minute mark Sign Libra ramps things up with T Power vs. MK Ultra’s ‘Mutant Jazz’, a track that has plenty of jungle in its DNA. From here on out Sign Libra blends house-indebted productions from Natural Born Grooves and The Beloved with more of the spiritualised, jazz-flecked electronic sounds of the mix’s first half.


  1. Seven Windows – Danse Ralenti
  2. Boards Of Canada – Aquarius
  3. Dieter Reith – Love and Fantasy
  4. Uman – Atmosphere
  5. Vladiswar Nadishana – Cat’s Love Song
  6. Hi-Fi – Нить
  7. T Power vs. MK Ultra – Mutant Jazz
  8. ANF – Chi-Motion
  9. Natural Born Grooves – Groovebird
  10. The Beloved – Outer Space Girl
  11. Dancing Fantasy – Dancing On A Summernight With You
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