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Bleep Mix #129 - The Gaslamp Killer

  1. Bleep Mix #129 - The Gaslamp Killer

    Bleep Mix #129 - The Gaslamp Killer

In his Bleep mix, LA beat scene savant The Gaslamp Killer builds outwards from a megamix of tracks that feature on his Heart Math LP. Eight pieces of that album’s psychedelic, brooding leftfield hip-hop style are blended together at the centre of this mix, with The Gaslamp Killer’s production aided by features from the likes of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and The Heliocentrics. In the sections either side of the Heart Math suite the listener is treated to a feast of far-out sonics, from astral found-sound experiments and soulful grooves to trippy prog-hop and fast, tweaking beat tracks. Natureboy Flako, Computer Jay and Mr. Oizo are just three artists who The Gaslamp Killer includes here, and things close out with another Heart Math number - in this instance the title-track. The overall effect is an hour of mind-expanding music which sounds as much like an intergalactic radio broadcast as it does a DJ mix


  1. Roy Hermon - Moog Lev (Unreleased)
  2. Roy Hermon - Sad Water
  3. Mono/Poly - Raw Power Moves
  4. Mono/Poly - Crypto Bell
  5. Conrank - Yi By Yi
  6. Kuedo - Floating Forest
  7. Computer Jay - Old Boy (Unreleased)
  8. Gabe Noel - OKNO
  9. Las - Pocosink (Commodo Remix)
  10. Mr. Oizo - Freezing Out
  11. Vicking - Full effect
    **The Gaslamp Killer - Heart Math Mega Mix: **
  12. The Gaslamp Killer - Forged By Fire ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  13. The Gaslamp Killer - One Take Jake ft. Roberto Schilling
  14. The Gaslamp Killer - The Cat's Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai
  15. The Gaslamp Killer - Moving On
  16. The Gaslamp Killer - Hjorth ft. Mophono
  17. The Gaslamp Killer - Blue Butterfly ft. Kid Moxie
  18. The Gaslamp Killer - God Willing ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
  19. The Gaslamp Killer - Hooked On Classic's ft. The Heliocentrics
  20. Natureboy Flako - Elegencia Transpartente
  21. Al Massrieen - Asf Gdaa
  22. Free The Robots - Manisi Song
  23. MRR - Eyesotope pt.1
  24. MRR - Eyesotope pt.2
  25. El Michaels Affair - Enfant
  26. Ouzo Bazooka - Yolar
  27. Flying Lotus - Faltliners (Unreleased)
  28. Lorn - Suicide Note
  29. Natureboy Flako - Besito
  30. The Heliocentrics - Venom
  31. Drumnetrics - Gerontogeous
  32. Unknown Unreleased
  33. The Gaslamp Killer - Heart Math ft. Amir Yaghmai
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