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Bleep Mix #128 - Wordcolour

  1. Bleep Mix #128 - Wordcolour

    Bleep Mix #128 - Wordcolour

Wordcolour’s Bleep mix delivers the same sort of leftfield yet eminently danceable techno stylings that one hears on the producer’s Lapsus Records EP Tell Me Something. Bookended by more abstract cuts - a computer-age Fourth World sound design from Xactus at the start, FaltyDL’s woozy IDM/breakcore joint ‘Blueberry Moon’ at the close - the rest of the mix finds Wordcolour serving up club innovations from artists such as Piezo, Medlar and AYA.


  1. Xactus - Looking Out from the Tower [Expo]
  2. Shelley Parker - Let The Body A [OOH-sounds]
  3. Jorg Kuning – Quixo [Bakk Heia Records]
  4. HUNA – Violet [Negative Space [Ma]
  5. Farsight x Intern Hook-Up - Well And Truly Gone [Scuffed Recordings]
  6. Jaymie Silk – KALAKA [self-released]
  7. Design Default – Quadrantids [forthcoming]
  8. Almaty - Gennaro (Endian Remix) [naïve]
  9. Klein Zage – Womanhood [Orphan. Records]
  10. Medlar - Pampas Drums [WOLF Music Recordings]
  11. Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix) [Circus Recordings]
  12. Instinct – Pistolwhip [INSTINCT]
  13. Two Lone Swordsmen – Neuflex [Warp Records]
  14. Young Muscle - Vivid Dream of Death [Scuffed Recordings]
  15. Piezo - Art Attack Gone Wrong [Ansia]
  16. Séverine - LOOK HOW HARD IM INTO YOU (Barker x Ariana edit) [self-released]
  17. Palf – Tangara [forthcoming]
  18. AYA - a fflash gun for a ffiver [Allergy Season & Discwoman]
  19. Machinedrum & Holly – Goji [Vision Recordings]
  20. FaltyDL - Blueberry Moon [Music In Support Of Black Mental Health]
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