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Bleep Mix #124 - The Primitive Painter (Jörn Elling Wuttke mix)

  1. Bleep Mix #124 - The Primitive Painter (Jörn Elling Wuttke mix)

    Bleep Mix #124 - The Primitive Painter (Jörn Elling Wuttke mix)

The Primitive Painter are Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke. The duo grew up in Frankfurt and in the early 90s formed Acid Jesus and released some of the decades most celebrated techno on labels like Sven Väth's Harthouse and their own Klang Elektronik. Looking to diversify their sound and inspired by the ambient and IDM coming out on labels like Warp and Apollo, the duo made a masterful ten-track LP of richly melodic, fluid electronica under this moniker. To celebrate Apollo/R&S reissue of the eponymous 94' LP the duo's Jörn Elling Wuttke delivers a killer instalment for Bleep’s mix series. Given the calibre behind the decks here, it’s no surprise that this eighty-minute set is an impeccably crafted collection of house and techno in a variety of its many forms. While there is plenty of stylistic variation within these parameters - at points the blends take in Italo-Disco, minimal techno, dubbier productions and other four-to-the-floor styles - Wuttke ensures that all of tracks played here maintain an air of class and finesse.

This is a selection of cuts, mixed while we worked on the re-release of our The Primitive Painter album for R&S / Apollo Records. My mix was overshadowed by the passing of our friend and longtime supporter Andrew Weatherall. I hope my set is reflecting a bit of the feeling we had, on those fantastic nights with him. - Jörn Elling Wuttke


  1. Innellea – Anailuj
  2. Fort Romeau – Dweller On The Threshold
  3. Rrose – Nest Of Queens
  4. Benedikt Frey – Out Of here (Roman Flügel Rmx.)
  5. Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Flügel Rmx.)
  6. Acid Jesus – Radium
  7. Talaboman – Brutal Chugga Chugga ( L.B. Dub Corp. Rmx. )
  8. Eagles & Butterflies feat. Coloray – Can't Stop
  9. Cioz & Sam Shure – Kamala Bani
  10. Joe Metzenmacher – Whats The Secret Word Tonight ( Arian 911 Remix )
  11. Phunkedelica – Pensiero Stupendu ( Musumeci Mix )
  12. Frank Wiedemann / Roman Flügel - Tears On The Dancefloor
  13. Voiski – Reaffirming Eternity
  14. Aphrohead – Let's Prance (Radio Slave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Mix )
  15. Marshall Jefferson – Move Your Body (Future House)
  16. Julie Mc Dermott - Don’t Go (Gerd Janson Edit)
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