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Bleep Mix #122 - upsammy

  1. Bleep Mix #121 - Sofie

    Bleep Mix #121 - Sofie

upsammy’s bumper mix for Bleep is as playful and adventurous as her studio productions. The rhythms of this ninety-minute set vary, particularly in the first half. One minute upsammy is running the kind of bright, glistening IDM that was heard on her recent Zoom LP, the next a downtempo break or dembow has shaken things up still further. No matter what speed the tracks are a charmingly excitable air runs through everything here, one that’s not dissimilar to the aesthetic of D. Tiffany or Reptant. Things heat up in the second half, with proceedings almost verging on junglism at points before an increased number of half-time tunes bring the mix in for a smooth landing.

"I wanted the mix to be an homage to all the types of music that inspire me at the moment, steering away from the mix becoming about one particular genre, but more focussing on elements I appreciate in music like rhythms that tickle my ears or intricate and quirky melodies. Music that’s light and bassy at the same time and also has a dynamic element to it. The beginning is a bit more trippy and delicate, continuing to a more fast clubby sound and then it kind of zones out into a deep but bright part.”


1.Spark - The Robotic Girl Next Door
2.Aleksi Perälä - Den
3.Jake Mandell - Sift Slate
4.Komet - Sign
5.MD - 5
6.The Fear Ratio - The Invisible Girl
7.Thomas Fehlmann - Feat
8.Josi Devil - The Devil’s Dance Face
9.Katatonic Silentio - Infrastructure Disintegrating
10.Aleksi Perälä - Summer Dnb
11.Tocsin - Impending Doom
12.FFT - Fask
13.Martsman - Ago
14.Laughing Ears - To Cover 遮掩
15.dgoHn - Invisible Sandwich
16.Strategy - Kings Of Kochi
17.Eedl - Aether Noise
18.Aleksi Perälä - Pedal Box
19.Minor Science - For Want Of Gelt
20.Forest Drive West - Void Control
21.Josi Devil - Mouwld Face
22.Ex-Terrestrial - Gguungg
23.Rob Kidley - Data Sync
24.Bahamadia - Pep Talk
25.Laughing Ears - Blue Dusk
26.Oceanic - Unreleased
27.Ternion Sound - Morgawr
28.Opiate - People (Remember Salami)
29.upsammy - Reality Paces The Platform

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