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Bleep Mix #117 - Reptant

  1. Bleep Mix #116 - Gimmik (Abfahrt Hinwil)

    Bleep Mix #116 - Gimmik (Abfahrt Hinwil)

Reptant’s addition to Bleep’s new mix series is a fine demonstration of the squelching strain of electro that the Australian producer has slipped into the water supply over the past few years. Beginning with a fizzing (and unreleased) soundscape from the producer himself, the rest of this hour-long set deals in the kind of technoid machine-funk mutations that will appeal to fans of imprints like Planet Euphorique and Central Processing Unit. Tunes come from esteemed artists such as Annie Hall, Datassette and Sansibar as well as further productions from Reptant himself - again, some of which are unreleased at the time of writing.

"A mix between of eerie introspection, uneasiness and a fighting drive bridged with broken rhythm and a new fetish for high frequency bleeps. This mix was recorded in isolation and seems to capture everything I was feeling at the time, all the ups and downs, one track a time. Containing plenty of unheard material from friends and I."


Reptant - Un-Revelation [unreleased]
Capsule Network - 84963 Interception [WEME]
Horta Eco - Morphology [Analog Force]
Annie Hall - Lavandula [Musar Recordings]
Alex Stark - VFV [Furthur Electronix]
Hymns - Overlaid [unreleased]
Datassette - Polyhedron Navigator [CPU]
Reptant - Gecko Force [unreleased]
Fleck E.S.C. - Old Path [Crobot Muzik]
VC-118A - Information System [TRUST]
/DL/MS - Raíz [Frustrated Funk]
214 - Nocturnal Hikes [Cultivated Electronics]
Scape One - Flashback [Pnuma]
Sansibar - Absence Of Being [Emotsiya]
Dj Glow - Muros Transparentes (Dj Glow Mix) [TRUST]
Reptant - MS-Plenty [Kalahari Oyster Cult]
Reptant & Dashiell - Gortexia [20:20 Vision]

  • Artist
    Reptilian Magnetism EP
    Salt Mines
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    May 8, 2020

    You can always rely on Reptant to come through with the scuzzy electro jams. Reptilian Magnetism is another of the producer’s EPs that sounds as if it was made for the raves of a subterranean civilisation as opposed to surface-dwelling humans. A-sides ‘Ghost In The Filter’ and ‘Time Blind’ squiggle and squirm delightfully - there’s a touch of Galaxian to them. ‘Shermanic Ritual’ maintains the vibe into the B-side before Reptilian Magnetism’s title-track opens Reptant’s sound out with synth pads, the end result of which sounds a bit like D. Tiffany.

    1. 1 Ghost In The Filter 2:00
    2. 2 Time Blind 2:00
    3. 3 Shermanic Ritual 2:00
    4. 4 Reptilian Magnetism 2:00
  • Artist
    Phasic Reflex EP w/ Roza Terenzi Remix
    Kalahari Oyster Cult
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 19, 2020

    Next up on Kalahari Oyster Cult is a set of retro-futurist electro tools from Reptant, an artist who has forced their way to the forefront of the club conversation in the past couple of years. Phasic Reflex opens with a bright and brilliant title-track which flits between breezy, almost new age synth textures and hard-nosed acid prime for the dancefloor. Something similar happens on ‘Realist’s Realistic Reality’ while the other Reptant original here ‘MS Plenty’ leans a little harder into the clear influence of Drexciya that is felt across Reptant’s discography. Roza Terenzi blisses things out on her pared down remix of ‘Realist’s Realistic Reality’ to round out the Phasic Reflex EP.

    1. 1 A1 Phase Reflex 2:00
    2. 2 A2 MS Plenty 2:00
    3. 3 B1 A Realist's Realistic Reality 2:00
    4. 4 B2 A Realist's Realistic Reality (Roza's Realism Remix) 2:00
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