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Bleep Mix #115 - Club Winston

  1. Bleep Mix #115 - Club Winston

    Bleep Mix #115 - Club Winston

Club Winston’s stated aim, with his Bleep mix, was to ‘start hard and end soft’ while taking in ‘belters and melters’ along the way. It’s certainly true that, by the end of the hour, the Bubble Chamber co-owner has swapped out pounding techno, Eskibeat and quicksilver garage/bassline for the more open-hearted ambient sound of Mark Isham’s ‘Sympathy And Acknowledgement’. However, this isn’t to say that the two ends of the mix are complete opposites - proceedings begin with Club Winston’s dreamy ‘Reject’, and the blends here balance the squelching low-ends and slamming 909s with plenty of harmonious synth work. It’s a varied track listing too, one that takes in DJ Stingray, EVOL and Champion as well as a selection of Club Winston’s own productions.


Reject - Club Winston
Dronez - Martsman
Mindless - DJ Stingray
Slewn Kin - Hamilton Scalpel
Phantonym - Alix Perez
? - ?
Intuition - K-Hand
01 11 17 (Forthcoming on Spinning Plates) - SHKN
Side A - Evol
Bits + Pieces - Artemesia
Blurt - Club Winston
The Mighty Machine - Dream Plant
Execution X Formula (Execution VIP) - Champion
Hydraulic - D.E.O.
Emuntitled (Forthcoming on Meda Fury) - Club Winston
? - ?
Lofn - Ohm & Octal Industries
04 - Urban Sax
Sympathy and Acknowledgement - Mark Isham

  • Artist
    Club Winston
    Blurt Reject
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 26, 2020

    The Bubble Chamber co-owner Club Winston is back with a typically quixotic pair of club tracks. Helmed by low-end wubs derived from bassline and donk, A-side ‘Blurt’ is aptly named. However, there is something charmingly off-centre about this tune, particularly given that Club Winston throws some hard drum percussion into the mix as well. ‘Reject’ is equally unusual - it’s hard to tell if this track is heavy or reserved due to the way the beat flits between half- and double-time, and hefty kick drums are offset by blissful synths. Strange, and strangely beguiling, music.

    1. 1 Blurt 1:04
    2. 2 Reject 1:04
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