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Bleep Mix #114 - Daedelus

  1. Bleep Mix #114 - Daedelus

    Bleep Mix #114 - Daedelus

Trust Daedelus to do things differently. The LA visionary runs through a blistering array of music on his new Bleep mix, averaging almost a track a minute across the space of an hour. Furthermore, Daedelus doesn’t simply drop the tunes one by one, but rather puts the same unique spin on the beats here that one can also hear on his extraordinary new LP What Wands Won’t Break. The inspired approach to blending rhythms - one that combines footwork, speed garage, ghettotech and plenty other high-octane dance sounds - helps yoke together a hugely varied array of tracks that includes everything from DJ Rashad to Special Request, Madvillain to Murlo, Alice Glass to Barry White.

"I wanted the spirit of the album to live on in the mix. Not just an addition of songs from "What Wands..." in context, but actually pushing the whole thing through degrees of effect chain. Hopefully you'll hear some familiar tunes as never before, and throw shapes with those new."


TNGHT - Serpent
Daedelus - Cauldron
Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Rashad - VIP)
KΣITO - Juke Shit No. 5
Microglobe - High on Hope (Machinedrum Remix)
Microglobe - High on Hope (1992 Long Hot Summer Mix)
Andy Stott - Selfish
Daedelus - Chimera
EPROM - The Cat
EPROM / KW Griff - Bring in the Cat (feat. Pork Chop - VIP)
God.Damn.Chan - Loser
NastyNasty - Gravity Games
Badawi - No Schnitzel
Ouri - Trance Parent
Tim Dolla - Swing Dat Sh_t (PDN 2k14 Edit)
Barry White - Change
Daedelus - Fettle
Murlo - Fauna
Daedelus - Drubbing
Seiho - Naked (Short Version)
AD & Subfiltronik - Danger (Akirah 2020 - VIP)
Lorn - Acid Rain
Madvillain - Accordion (Instrumental)
Slum Village - Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)
Kuno - Uppercut
DJ Boring - Unspoken Presence
Taiki & Nulight - Leave Me
Alice Glass - The Altar (Ruined by Yves Tumor)
DJ Meredith - You’re So (Let Go)
Dibia$e - Can’t See Us Pt. 2 Jukin [164]
Current Value - In Depth
Shitmat - There’s No Business Like Propa’ Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz
DJ SS - Black (VIP)
Shy FX - Bambaata (Dillinja Remix)
Cookiee Kawaii - Vibe, Pt. 2
DJ Yayyay - Micro-Chips (LDFD Remix)
Monte Booker - Kolors (feat. Smino)
Daedelus - Zenith
Special Request - A Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere
Daedelus - Clairaudience
Lone - Blue Moon Tree
The DJ Producer - Take Over the World
Dorian Concept - Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Untold - I Can’t Stop This Feeling
Punishment - Bleak
Taraval - Kima Jima
Maxo - Grow Wings (Tomggg Remix)

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