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Bleep Mix #113 - Interstellar Funk

  1. Bleep Mix #112 - K-LONE

    Bleep Mix #112 - K-LONE

Interstellar Funk’s entry into Bleep’s podcast series steadily gathers pace across an hour-plus run-time. The initial phase of the mix is characterised by edge-of-the-dancefloor rollers - not downtempo exactly, but certainly tracks which prioritise steady pulses over breakneck beat-tracking. Things begin to gather pace with upsammy’s ‘It Drips’, a cut from her upcoming debut LP Zoom, and these unnerving, fidgeting rhythms peel perfectly into 33EMYBW and Li Jianhon’s ‘Arthropods Continent’. From here we find ourselves in a world of atmospheric and low-slung club tunes, the intensity of which increases to a point where Interstellar Funk rounds out the mix with scuzz-techno rollers from Pessimist, Identified Patient and DJ Die Soon & Ecko Bazz.

"I focussed mainly on new and unreleased music that I bought over the last few months. The world is on hold but there is still so much good music coming out. It's hard to record a club mix in this state of mind and without an audience, but I tried to combine slower music that I like to play at the beginning of the night with some more energetic and faster tracks at the end."


1. Bjarki - Coil Opinons
2. CS + Kreme - Crushed Cream
3. Danny Daze - Planet ft. RHR
4. Wladimir M. - Planet E (English/French)
5. upsammy - It Drips
6. 33EMYBW - Arthropods Continent feat. Li Jianhon
7. Mike Parker - The Melting Mask
8. YOUTH - Rainstick - Heavens Gate 9. Black Merlin - Pulau
10. Group A - Inhuman Ecstacy
11. Bola - Krak Jakomo
12. Lurka - Minds Eye Tript
13. Dazion - Yo Go Bah
14. Zaliva-D - Sick Step
15. Emma DJ - Fuzmec
16. Pessimist - Dem Control
17. Identifiied Patient - Visualize It
18 DJ Die Soonn - Untitled (feat. Ecko Bazz)

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