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Bleep Mix #112 - K-LONE

  1. Bleep Mix #112 - K-LONE

    Bleep Mix #112 - K-LONE

K-LONE’s Cape Cira LP is one of the prettiest records you’ll hear all year in techno or any other genre. The Wisdom Teeth boss created a verdant sonic world on that album, one where rippling beats came drenched in sun-dappled atmospheres and melodies that evoked palm trees swaying in a breeze. On this exclusive mix, K-LONE lets us in on some of the music that inspired the record. The mix’s first half largely eschews dancefloor pulses in favour of dreamy flushes of sound - while there are some gently danceable numbers in here from the likes of DJ Python and Duckett, the entries around them emphasise new-age-inspired textures in a manner that draws a clear line to Cape Cira. We then enter a territory of coy techno and micro-house throbs, one where Jan Jelinek’s ‘Rock In The Video Age’ sets the tone, before blissing out with pure ambiences at the mix’s close.

"This mix is a selection of cuts from my favourite albums I was listening to around the time of writing Cape Cira, mostly the sort of stuff for listening to at home rather than the club. Featuring music from Leif, Steve Reich, Loidis, Duckett, Kelly Lee Owens, Pole, Jan Jenelik, Don't DJ & Visible Cloaks."


Kara-Lis Coverdale - Touch Me & Die
Kelly Lee Owens - S.O
Gaussian Curve - Broken Clouds
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Rare Things Grow
K-LONE - In The Pines
DJ Python - q.e.p.d.
System - SK20
Duckett - Looking At Mum Objectively
Steve Reich - Section 1
Leif - Tuesday Nothing
Loidis - The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures) Pole - Raum 1 (Original)
Jan Jelinek - Rock in the Video Age
Steevio - One Tribe (Live Analogue Mix)
Don’t DJ - Southern Shore
Leif - Sintra
Visible Cloaks - Terrazzo
Sienna Sleep - hypnosis.tape 80_3
K-LONE - Happened

  • Artist
    Cape Cira
    Wisdom Teeth
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    April 24, 2020

    Wisdom Teeth boss K-LONE has been quietly developing his sound over the past few years. Having emerged in the mid-2010s with a particularly garage-indebted take on the Bristolian soundsystem techno style, recent releases have seen K-LONE move into a more painterly mode which draws more prominently from Balearic and psychedelic house. This latest phase of his career achieves fruition on K-LONE’s debut LP Cape Cira, surely the most captivating set of music he’s ever released.

    All of the eight tracks on Cape Cira find K-LONE balancing gentle beats with melodies and textures that are nothing short of delightful. Gone are the bass blasts and screwface beats that characterised K-LONE’s early work. In their stead we get soft and lilting four-to-the-floors - just enough to dance to, not so much to kill the vibe. Indeed, some of the tracks largely do away with drums so as to concentrate on creating lush, sun-kissed atmospheres. No matter what the drums are doing at any given moment, K-LONE uses tuned percussion, synthetic keys and pulsing sub-bass to create rich, woozy music that sways like a palm tree in the breeze. Those who latched onto the New Tab and Beautiful You LPs put out by Khotin a couple of years ago should sink into Cape Cira, as should fans of the labels Mood Hut, 1080p and Planet Euphorique.

    On his debut LP Cape Cira, K-LONE draws from fourth-world, new age and Balearic house to create an absolutely stunning set of edge-of-the-dancefloor reveries.

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    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Yelli K-LONE 7:03 Buy
    2. 2 Cocoa K-LONE 5:35 Buy
    3. 3 Palmas K-LONE 5:29 Buy
    4. 4 Honey K-LONE 6:49 Buy
    5. 5 Cape Cira K-LONE 6:17 Buy
    6. 6 Bluefin K-LONE 5:59 Buy
    7. 7 In The Pines K-LONE 5:25 Buy
    8. 8 Happened K-LONE 5:34 Buy

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