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Bleep Mix #109 - Adiel

  1. Bleep Mix #109 - Adiel

    Bleep Mix #109 - Adiel

Danza Tribale boss Adiel is the latest to step up to the plate for Bleep’s mix series. Rather than going all-out from the off, the Rome-based DJ shows masterful restraint in the opening stages here. It’s not until a quarter of the way in that we get the first beat-driven track - Pinch and Peverelist’s Punch Drunk classic ‘Revival’, no less. Prior to this point, Adiel has focussed on weightless tracks with an air of potent, surreal psychedelia about them, interspersing these with evocative cuts from the likes of Carnatic musician Bombay S Jayashri in order to set the scene even better. Following ‘Revival’ the mix’s midsection continues to lean on classic dubstep sounds - Mala and Shackleton feature - before rounding out with some expertly-blended leftfield techno. Strap in for this one, it’s a real trip.

"This podcast is an emotional improvisation, for Bleep and for all the listeners of this particular moment we are all living. A selection of music for the most quiet hours, for the dreamy ones and for the hardest ones, where to understand records in terms of their effect on the mind, you need to hear music in terms of its energy and feeling. It includes some old and new records with my upcoming release on Stroboscopic Artefacts "ESRR"."


Muslimgauze_ Zinzabad [Staalplaat]
Massimo Amato_ 4 A.M. [Affordable Inner Space]
Alessandro Bosetti_ Stand Up Comedy [Weird Ear]
LF58_ Metamorfosi [Astral Industries]
Bombay S Jayashri _ Kalimaheshwari [Time Capsule]
Peverelist feat Pinch_ Revival [Punch Drunk]
Mala _ Eyez [Digital Mystikz Return to Space]
Mala_ Livin Different [Digital Mystikz Return toSpace]
Shackleton_ Short Wave [Skull Disko]
Neel_ Afro Quarantine [unreleased]
LF58_ Evocazione Contatto Risveglio [Astral Industries]
Ondo Fudd _ Earth Queen Voice [ The Trilogy Tapes]
Max Loderbauer & Tobias _ Clara Ghavami Extended [Cadenza]
Adiel_ ESRR [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

  • Artist
    If Not Now When?
    Stroboscopic Artefacts
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 19, 2020

    Having spent the second half of the 2010s releasing records through her own Danza Tribale label, Rome-based producer Adiel broke cover in 2019 by issuing the Musicofilia EP through Kangding Ray’s ara imprint. Now Adiel steps out once again with her Stroboscopic Artefacts debut, an EP which takes its title from the old rabbinical saying If Not Now, When? - a phrase which came back into the public consciousness when Primo Levi used it as the title for a 1982 novel.

    Across the four tracks here Adiel’s hypnotic brand of minimal techno proves a perfect fit for the Lucy-helmed label. Anchoring each cut with unerring kick drums, the potent, dubwise atmospherics that Adiel tends towards are reminiscent of fellow Stroboscopic Artefacts artists Efdemin and Serena Butler. The opening title-track of If Not Now When? finds a companion piece in ‘If Not Me Who?’ - both see their drums and synthetic cells spiralised by echo effects. Something similar is achieved on closer ‘ESRR’, though the addition of an erratic vocal loop makes for arguably the most arresting listen here. Completing the If Not Now When? tracklist is ‘At The Bottom Of The Sea’, a seasick techno roller that has more than a shade of Luke Slater’s Planetary Assault Systems to it.

    Adiel rocks up on Stroboscopic Artefacts with If Not Now When?, a collection of minimal techno rollers that will fog up any DJ set.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 If Not Now When? 6:39 Buy

      If Not Now When?

    2. 2 At The Bottom Of The Sea 6:16 Buy

      At The Bottom Of The Sea

    3. 3 If Not Me Who? 7:11 Buy

      If Not Me Who?

    4. 4 ESRR 6:13 Buy
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