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Bleep Mix #137 - Sam Interface

  1. Bleep Mix #136 - Sign Libra

    Bleep Mix #136 - Sign Libra

Sam Interface’s contribution to Bleep’s mix series sees the R&S Records signee letting loose and running through a variety of bass-driven polyrhythmic productions. Across 78 minutes here the London-based DJ and producer brings together gqom, hard drum, UK funky, drum techno and various other styles from the global clubsphere’s cutting edge. The tracklist features artists who deliver both stylistic innovation and pure dancefloor magic - productions from Anz, Roska, DJ Plead and Cadenza all feature alongside a few tunes from Sam Interface himself - and Sam Interface finds a similar balance in his blends, letting the beats do the work while also using effects to inject further impetus into his mixing.

"I tried not to think about this mix too much, I put a bunch of my fav current tracks in a folder, added some older stuff that I always enjoy to play + some new bits from me, got in a room at Pirate Studios and pressed record. It's very percussive and drum focussed music, from all over the world, interesting grooves and naughty basslines! It took me a couple of goes to record something I was reasonably happy with and it's far from a perfect mix! But I think in this modern era of highly curated, perfect content, I prefer to listen to a mix where I can hear the DJ is just having fun. This mix is just me improvising, catching blends and tweaking FX on the fly, some of them work better than others but it was really fun to record and hopefully fun for you to listen to!" - Sam Interface


  1. Toya Delazey x Mxshi Mo - Resurrection
  2. Sam Interface - Buggy demo
  3. DJ Polo - Overwatered
  4. Polyrhythm - AfroCuba (Original Beats mix)
  5. AAEE - Volvo
  6. Dismantle & Van Basten - Rebel cause
  7. Grand High Priest - Mary Mary (Original Mix)
  8. Sam Binga - Now do You
  9. Mxshi Mo x Moonchild Sanelly - Uzobuya
  10. Djeff Afrozilla - So Blessed (Instrumental)
  11. Omaar - Groove
  12. Cadenza, Guilty Beatz & M.I.A - Up Inna
  13. Scratchclart - Square Off
  14. Anz - Stepper
  15. TSVI - Xus Lord
  16. Ahadadream - Bamboo Riddim
  17. Laska - FWD Ghosts
  18. Roska - Mercy
  19. Hagan - Ultra
  20. Havana Cultura - Chekere (Seiji ReRub)
  21. Omaar - Base
  22. Sam Interface - Crud
  23. Griffit Vigo - Yasizawa Les’gubhu
  24. Sam Interface - Throwing Hundreds
  25. Sam Interface - Flashing Hype
  26. Dismantle & Van Basten - Smack the Door
  27. Avernian - 51.2544
  28. Mala Femmina - Ruff
  29. Champion - Cannon
  30. Obeyah - Helicopter Reddim
  31. DJ Vielo - Filha da Puta
  32. Milo & Fabio - Piri Kiki
  33. Syn -Void
  34. DJ Plead - Going For It
  35. Chaka Khan - Like Sugar (Switch rmx)
  36. Sam Interface - Pink Dolphins
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