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Bleep Mix #15 - Brainwaltzera

Brainwaltzera has been on Bleep's radar for a while, and we have been counting down the days till the release of his debut album Poly-Ana on Film. And luckily for you, to quench your thirst before the record is out in the world, here is a mix made especially for you.

We may not know who he is, but what we do know is that we are fans. Come join us.

Track List

Brainwaltzera - duȸious d^v^y [only4bleep_mix] (unreleased)
Lanark Artefax - Flickering Debris
Lorenzo Senni - The Shape of Trance To Come
@user18081971 - 24 Tsim 2 (unreleased)
Brainwaltzera - BouheD Trot
Suzanne Ciani - Water Lullaby
Talaboman - Safe Changes
Provatron - Gang of Love (unreleased)
EOD - Swurlk (Snarlfingercroak Mix)
Aleksi Perala - 214 H II
Stereo Nova - Discoteque
Antwood - Derealization
Howse - Depths
Akkord - RCVR
Pessimist - Through the Fog
Dom & Roland - Parasite
Doc Scott - VIP Drums (Original Mix)
majistrate - Whats Up
Source Direct - The Crane
Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher
Ignazz - fastlove
@user 0000008673 - unreleased

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