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Geoff White's work as Aeroc occupies a rarified air in which the surreal nature of dreams and the rhythms of everyday waking existence merge to create an unexpectedly naturalistic form of electronic music -- harmonized drones merge with graceful jazz patterns and glitch-inspired rhythms to make a sound that is totally his own. White released the first Aeroc album, Viscous Solid, on Ghostly in 2004, creating a dense world of atmospherics drawn wholly from treatments of his own guitar lines, a fact that is a testament to his mastery of sound formation and manipulation. Having relocated to Barcelona from the American Midwest while creating the album, one can understand why White's musical moods are so dichotomous, as the uncertainty of a new place meshes with the sheer joy of discovery and personal cultivation, backed by the underlying ebb and flow of the patterns that govern our lives. Aeroc's long-awaited LP R+B=? continues down the same melodic path as it's predecessor but imbues it with a new verve for funk and beats that brings the Aeroc project from conceptual event to artistic enterprise in one fell swoop.


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