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  • Artist
    Leafcutter John
    Desire Path Recordings
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    May 26, 2015

    15 years since his first recordings, Leafcutter John returns with a dramatic new LP Resurrection for Desire Path Recordings. Always on our radar Leafcutter John has produced some of the most forward-thinking electronic music of the past fifteen years, from the drastic, agoraphobic electronics hidden within the Housebound Spirit for Planet Mu to his work as part of the post-jazz explorationists Polar Bear. Leafcutter John has tirelessly pushed the boundaries of abstract electronic music. Thankfully, Resurrection shows that he has no sign of letting up and across its vast plain of richly produced sounds that references everything from the GRM work of Bernard Parmigiani to the abstract science in sound of Robert Henke Resurrection is a fully formed body of work which pushes the envelope of what we can do with computer based music but still manages to keep the elements of a human at the core dictating each texture and feeling, a touch that upon hearing this will leave you noticing its absence from a lot of electronic records around right now.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Resurrection 10:57 Buy
    2. 2 I Know You Can 8:08 Buy
    3. 3 Music Under the Water 5:49 Buy
    4. 4 Endless Wave 5:26 Buy
    5. 5 Gulps 11:19 Buy
  • Artist
    Schneider Tm
    Guitar Sounds
    Bureau B
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    October 14, 2013

    Schneider Tm follows up his 2012 'Construction Sounds', which took the sounds of construction sites as the starting point for his compositions, with an album that explores all the myriad possibilities in sound, texture and mood of the electric guitar. Guitar-based improvisation may be nothing new as a concept, but Schneider still manages to coax something fresh and different from the instrument, from the quaking feedback soundscapes of 'Teilhard' to the low-end heavy 'Elefantenhaut' and graceful layers of opening track 'Landslide'.

    1. 1 Landslide 2:00
    2. 2 Teilhard 2:00
    3. 3 First Of May 2:00
    4. 4 Elefantenhaut 2:00
    5. 5 Uberzahl 2:00
  • Artist
    Morphine Records
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    May 4, 2015

    After the brief Charles Cohen reinterpreted teaser back in 2014, Indonesian hardcore outfit Senyawa return, as promised, to Rabih Beaini’s Morphine imprint with an extremely intrepid full length entitled Menjadi. From the outset, its clear we’re in for something completely original with the unnerving ‘Bala’, clashing torrents of screeched strings against a deep, Tuvan-styled throat gurgle, followed by the more intense, ritualistic drumming sessions ‘Gaib’ and ‘Hadirlah Suci’. The impassioned battle cry of ‘Bekal Iimu’ provides a moment of respite, building a tense atmosphere for the mesmerizing, opiatic guitar and vocal duet of ‘Di Kala Sudah’. ‘Menjadi Jadi’ regresses back to the kind of haunting, sorcery-tinged percussion one would expect to find at a tribal sacrifice deep in the Indonesian outback, jumping in and out of rhythm, spiked with a galvanizing Shaman’s chant; finishing up on the dark ethereal string outro ‘Gugur’.


    • Bala
    • Gaib
    • Hadirlah Suci
    • Hidup Damai
    • Bekal Ilmu
    • Kayu
    • Di Kala Sudah
    • Menjadi Jadi
    • Gugur

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Bala 5:41 Buy
    2. 2 Gaib 6:20 Buy
    3. 3 Hadirlah Suci 6:51 Buy
    4. 4 Hidup Damai 1:34 Buy
    5. 5 Bekal Ilmu 5:57 Buy
    6. 6 Kayu 1:33 Buy
    7. 7 Di Kala Sudah 6:43 Buy
    8. 8 Menjadi Jadi 5:11 Buy
    9. 9 Gugur 3:17 Buy
    10. 10 Engah (Digital Exclusive) 4:02 Buy
    11. 11 Demi Tuhan Yang Maha Suci (Digital Exclusive) 7:47 Buy
  • Artist
    Rupert Clervaux & Beatrice Dillon
    Studies I-XVII for Samplers and Percussion
    Snow Dog Records
    Catalogue Number
    SDGW 033DI
    Release Date
    December 11, 2015

    Fast-rising sound artist, record collector and musician Beatrice Dillon (Where To Now?, Trilogy Tapes) teams up with multi-talented musician Rupert Clervaux for this dreamy rhythm record of Studies I-XVII for Samplers and Percussion. Recorded sans software interference, the 17 short pieces here reflect a process that involved live playing with various percussion instruments and manipulation of samples. The tracks arrive, whisper their sweet complex rhythms, and leave in a beautiful breath - like Moondog ghosting in from the grave for a jam session. Also tipped if you’re into the drum-loaded recent workouts of Shackleton. A gorgeous, addictive record that stands repeated listening…

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 I 2:15 Buy
    2. 2 II 2:30 Buy
    3. 3 III 2:27 Buy
    4. 4 IV 2:08 Buy
    5. 5 V 1:48 Buy
    6. 6 VI 2:01 Buy
    7. 7 VII 2:23 Buy
    8. 8 VIII 1:15 Buy
    9. 9 IX 2:29 Buy
    10. 10 X 1:01 Buy
    Show All Tracks 17
  • Artist
    Mark Fell & Gabor Lazar
    The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making
    The Death Of Rave
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 29, 2015

    The Death Of Rave hits its 10th release with a dream collaborative release from two of the most relevant names in future facing ‘dance’ music; Sheffield based, SND veteran Mark Fell and Budapest sound artist Gábor Lázár. On The Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making, the duo deliver 10 pieces of off the grid, unsyncopated mastery, deconstructing of the steadfast preconceptions of dance music through a suite of constantly shifting time signatures, sporadic claps and sterile, modernistic melody. Such production methods obliterate the deeply rooted notions of rhythm, ushering in a new age of dance floor exploration. Each piece is untitled, and shifts from bursts of sonic spasm (‘1’,‘6’) to more fully realised extrapolations of their off-kilter methods (‘3’, ‘4’) where we’re able to appreciate the subtle rhythmic morphs on a greater time plane. All of this builds to the 12 minute plus closing tenth piece, where the duo let loose on a mind-bending jaunt of rhythmic and sonic convulsions, fully exhibiting the possibilities and potential of Max/MSP technology.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Untitled 1 3:22 Buy
    2. 2 Untitled 2 3:30 Buy
    3. 3 Untitled 3 4:25 Buy
    4. 4 Untitled 4 6:43 Buy
    5. 5 Untitled 5 5:22 Buy
    6. 6 Untitled 6 3:28 Buy
    7. 7 Untitled 7 4:13 Buy
    8. 8 Untitled 8 5:15 Buy
    9. 9 Untitled 9 4:13 Buy
    10. 10 Untitled 10 5:15 Buy
  • Artist
    Two Ways
    Border Community
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    November 27, 2015

    London-born brothers Ben and Tom Page aka RocketNumberNine release their first single since second album MeYouWeYou in 2013. Since then they’ve worked with artists including Neneh Cherry, Four Tet, and James Holden, and ‘Two Ways’ comes via Holden’s label Border Community. The single features two tracks of improvisational Afro-kraut-jazz, both recorded live and produced by Holden. ‘Two Ways’ gradually builds to an awesome crescendo over its elongated running time, while the shorter ‘Balance of Imbalance’ melds rave stab synths with crashing grooves.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Two Ways 10:06 Buy
    2. 2 Balance of Imbalance 5:46 Buy
  • Artist
    Dawn Mok
    Eternal Love
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    November 26, 2015

    Dawn Mok is an open collective featuring members from across the US, Asia, and Europe, but it’s mostly a vehicle for founding member Felix Mura and vocalist Bundi. After Dial included Dawn Mok’s track ‘Like Thoughts Or Moments We’ll Fall’ on their 15th birthday compilation earlier in 2015, the label are releasing an album from the crew called Eternal Love. Eternal Love is something like an R&B record that’s been broken down, with some incredibly lush melodies and Art of Noise-esque sound designs underscoring tender and emotional vocal songwriting. The album was mixed by Ville Haimala (Renaissance Man) and mastered by Rashad Becker (PAN).

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Untitled 4:28 Buy
    2. 2 Downpour 2:31 Buy
    3. 3 What We Came to Be 2:39 Buy
    4. 4 You Ended Up Being All I Know 3:49 Buy
    5. 5 Like Thoughts or Moments We'll Fall 3:10 Buy
    6. 6 Fade 3:29 Buy
    7. 7 (Interlude I) 1:08 Buy
    8. 8 End 3:08 Buy
    9. 9 Daze 3:28 Buy
    10. 10 Still With You 4:39 Buy
    11. 11 Fade Down, You're My Evidence 4:06 Buy
    12. 12 (Interlude II) 1:39 Buy
    13. 13 (Interlude III) 1:43 Buy
    14. 14 Time 3:21 Buy
    15. 15 (Hidden Track) 2:59 Buy
  • Artist
    Russian Tsarlag
    Midnight At Mary's House
    Not Not Fun
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    May 7, 2012

    The mysterious Russian Tsarlag is the project of Carlos Gonzalez, with his debut Not Not Fun album. His sound is a deconstructed version of Americana – grime-soaked guitar rhythms sound like they’re born from the loins of the Deep South, heat creeps in the apparatus giving off a creaky mechanical feel and intoxication reaches dangerous levels making for a dizzying yet fully enticing ten tracks worth.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 My Leg Is Numb 4:38 Buy
    2. 2 Midnight At Mary's House 4:51 Buy
    3. 3 Say Something 3:20 Buy
    4. 4 Cruising On Cardboard 5:18 Buy
    5. 5 Let's Drive 4:09 Buy
    6. 6 The Gang's All Here 3:00 Buy
    7. 7 Phone Booth 4:04 Buy
    8. 8 Large Faces 4:05 Buy
    9. 9 Down That Road 5:15 Buy
    10. 10 Fading Fast 3:41 Buy
  • Artist
    Pauline Oliveros & Ione
    Water Above Sky Below Now
    Morphine Records
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    January 29, 2016

    Now in her sixth decade making music, Pauline Oliveros – a pioneering experimental musician and sound artist – releases a new album in collaboration with Ione, former director of the Oliveros-founded Deep Listening Institute. Water Above Sky Below Now was produced using the Expanded Instrument System (EIS), an electronic sound processing environment that allows musicians to transform their acoustic input in real time. Here, Oliveros uses a specially-tuned digital accordion, manipulated via the EIS and diffused through different channels, to create a soundscape in three parts. Ione provides improvised spoken word over the resulting sound.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Water Above Sky Below Now (Part1) 13:12
    2. 2 Water Above Sky Below Now (Part2) 7:16 Buy
    3. 3 Water Above Sky Below Now (Part3) 18:43
  • Artist
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 1, 2012

    Brainfeeder’s latest signing is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, hailing from Philadelphia by way of Los Angeles. Ryat’s knack is for juxtaposing elegant classicism and impressive cinematic sounds with big, gritty beats and mad-cap experimentalism in what results in a landscape of abstract artwork. Lead track, ‘Howl’, collects seemingly disconnected pools of beats along with an array of unforeseen sounds and surprises.

    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Windcurve 2:23
    2. 2 Owl 4:26
    3. 3 Howl 2:55
    4. 4 Seahorse 3:34
    5. 5 Hummingbird 3:32
    6. 6 Footless 4:54
    7. 7 Invisibly Ours 5:15
    8. 8 Object Mob 2:55
    9. 9 Invisibility Cage 3:31
    10. 10 Raiz 4:24
    11. 11 Totem 2:32
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