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Bleep Mix #54 - Secede

In celebration of the excellent Lapsus Records re-issue of Secede’s 2005 LP Tryshasla. Secede has created a carefully crafted mix that explores all four corners of the world of ambient music.

Track List

Tom Duff - Gam
Barry Truax - The Blind Man
The Paul Winter Consort - Bright Angel
David Alexander Hess - Etude For Chainsaw/Goodbye, Dick
Paul Williams - Sunken Cathedral
Max Roach - January
Drum Circus - Papera
The Waikikis - Remember Boa-Boa
Frank Harris - To Seattle
Yoshio Ojima - Les Trois Graces
The Tape-Beatles - Microphone Burning In Flames
Robert Fripp - The Cathedral Of Tears
Raymond Scott - Gmgm1A
Polemical - Iseum
Michael Andrews - Library Chat
The Beach Boys - Love To Say Dada
Tone Language - Field Piano Form
The Awakening - Just A Little Peace
Vangelis - Dr Tyrell's Owl
Opto - 04.34 Am
Yoko Kanno - On The Earth
Paul Schutze - A Night Dissolved In The Lakes Of Heaven
H.N.A.S. - Zauberhaft Schöne Inseln
Derek Jarman/Brian Eno - I Fill This Room With The Echo Of Many Voices
Zabba W, Linder & Carsten Bohn - Look, Living
Roth/Bricher - Plant Talk
Bram Stadhouders & Nederlands Kamerkoor - Bloemse
Ahmad Jamal - Emily

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