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Bleep Mix #50 - Plaid

For the 50th entry in our mix series, we are super hyped to present this hour-long electronic adventure from Plaid. Since the early 90's, Plaid has consistently released a stream of mind-expanding LPs for Warp, yet for their Bleep mix they offer us a very rare opportunity to experience the sounds that inspire, influence and rotate inside their studio station. From the up to the minute breakbeat techno of Skee Mask, to the euphoric glow of Jon Hopkins and into the outer-reaching wormholes of Richard Devine's most outer-reaching submissions, Plaid cross all genres with a strong knowledgeable style, one that has arguably made them such a historically important artist within both the UK and worldwide electronica scenes.

Track List

00:00 - Liffclang Halo (Alma Mater Mix) - The Bee
02:53 - I Am Ice - Karsten Pflum
05:06 - Them Is Us - Rival Consoles
09:46 - We Become Silent - Buspin Jieber
12:39 - Emerald Rush - Jon Hopkins
18:03 - Patternicity - Ariadne’s Labyrinth (Emma Catnip Long Tail remix)
20:19 - Volumes - Minor Science
24:45 - Rev8617 - Skee Mask
28:19 - Lipid Funk - User364304579
31:02 - Sfumato - John Tejada
34:23 - Andromeda - Silent Cubes
38:16 - Borgon Cray - Roel Funcken
41:22 - Eylansec - Richard Devine
44:46 - Too Much Brown - MVW
48:54 - Killiam William - Mr. Bill & kLL sMTH
51:58 - MT1 t29r2 - Aphex Twin
57:16 - Another Day - Unknown Artist (Covert III)

  • The Digging Remedy
    The Digging Remedy
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    June 2016
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    Plaid follow 2014's Reachy Prints with their twelfth (give or take a soundtrack or two) album The Digging Remedy on their home turf of Warp, a twelve track LP that stands as further proof (if any was needed) that Plaid are the top dogs when it comes to crystal clear sonic structures of captivating electronica. Across its duration, The Digging Remedy shows the duo are in no way shape or form close to slowing down, but are continuing to push the boundaries of their sound into new areas of experimentation that most others could only begin to dream of being able to produce.

    From the second the first notes float out from the speakers it is clear that this is no one other than Plaid. Opener Do Matter sets the tone with a slowly rotating synth that is so well placed within the track it sort of melts into the ether, while a sharp but melancholic shutter hangs low over the top, carefully moving on the organic sound textures as they evolve into something that when it ends stands to resemble the best LP opener from the duo since Eyen.

    Starting on a high, they follow sharp fix with Dilatone's smoke like glide through a stuttering dub glitch-hop track that cements the fact that this is a sure fire classic Plaid LP developing before your ears. Early single CLOCK rolls their signature glass like chords out before some pretty hefty weightless trance stabs fill the spaces in between. We are really guessing here, but listening through to these intricately woven pieces that make up The Digging Remedy we wouldn't be surprised if Ed and Andy were drawing influence from the current electronica climate, kinda like with Ae distilling their take of bass rooted club sounds on Exai, the vibe is almost one of Plaid giving nod to the current wave of producers while doing things with a grace and elegance that can only come from being at the top of the game for so long.

    Tracks like Melifer blur the boundaries of post-genre weightlessness with a confidence of been here from the start, check this out tronica schooling, before Lambswood which for our money could easily slip into the sets of a well thought out global hybrid mix. The overall sound while unmistakably a Plaid record has flashes of elements that could easily fold into a deconstructed DJ set by Lorenzo Senni or even an unknown assailant producing some icy synth puzzles for PAN.

    The Digging Remedy is an inspirational return to form for the duo and instantly captivate anyone looking for something along the lines of Double Figure or Booc (if that's you then this is the LP you have been waiting for!) The Digging Remedy feels like the journey has gone full circle and is now starting over, taking a classic sound that's being rebuilt before your ears and projecting it's outcome as something that while at times sounds familiar is also startlingly, brand new.

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    Digital Track List

    1. 1 Do Matter 3:40 Plaid Buy
    2. 2 Dilatone 3:40 Plaid Buy
    3. 3 CLOCK 4:24 Plaid Buy
    4. 4 The Bee 2:50 Plaid Buy
    5. 5 Melifer 4:05 Plaid Buy
    6. 6 Baby Step Giant Step 4:14 Plaid Buy
    7. 7 Yu Mountain 4:04 Plaid Buy
    8. 8 Lambswood 4:10 Plaid Buy
    9. 9 Saladore 3:51 Plaid Buy
    10. 10 Reeling Spiders 3:23 Plaid Buy
    11. 11 Held 3:46 Plaid Buy
    12. 12 Wen 2:41 Plaid Buy

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